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Congratulations! You're one step closer to optical nirvana.

Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear. An amazing collection of unique designer eyeglasses. Frames created by artisans, curated by your friendly neighborhood optical superheros. Downtown Rochester, MN.

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Our Unique Eye-Q Eyewear Guarantee

When you buy Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear that is as unique as you are, we make a commitment. You'll stay unique. We won't sell your frames to anyone else, ever!

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Meet Your Inner Superhero

Ready to feel great inside and out? Let one of our optical superheros get to know you. We'll help match your personality, your look, and yes even your dreams with the frames that were made for you. Sound out of this world? It's just standard service at Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear.

Whether you're looking for eyeglasses that work for work, are everyday fabulous, or are simply stunning, Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear opticians make the process of finding your perfect pair of glasses so smooth and easy you just may start to feel... well, kind of like a superhero yourself. At Eye-Q Eyewear, our mission is more than providing the best imaginable service. Our mission is to help you find your inner superhero, one pair of frames at a time.


You're One Of A Kind. Choose Your Eyewear To Match.

Eye-Q Eyewear has assembled a collection of frames that you won't find anywhere else in this great big wide world. Unique, one of a kind glasses from the most respected and innovative designers working today.

What you need, we've got. The best, most exciting, sunglasses, eyeglasses, readers, and accessories ever assembled in one extraordinary orange optical boutique.

We regularly update our collection to keep you current with the best in eyewear design. So come in and find your perfect match in eyewear today.


Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear

Luxury eyewear coupled with personalized service to meet your most discerning optical needs.

Downtown Rochester, Minnesota

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Find optical nirvana on the lower level of the Kahler Hotel, Rochester MN.
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Getting glasses at Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear was so simple and easy. Tammie picked out a couple of frames for me, making it easy to choose the pair I wanted. She made it simple for me to use my flex dollars and I had my reimbursement before I got my glasses (which was less than a week!). Tammie is truly an optical temptress!!


I just got my glasses! I love them. The quality and style of your product is amazing. I'm so glad we found you.


Thank you so much for my new eyewear! Your store really opens one’s eyes to how much fun eyewear can be! Suddenly glasses have become a must! I love my new frames! Thanks again for finding perfect frames for me!