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Whatever you're looking for, prepare to fall in love.

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At Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear, seeing is believing. Come in to our orange oasis of optical goodness, and find your unique eyeglasses. You just might find your perfect match.

Frames created by the best designers in the world. Curated for you by Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear.

Some of our designers:

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A Match Made In Eyewear Heaven

Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear glasses are so special, it is not unusual to fall head over heels in love. Some Eye-Q patrons have even reported a wild impulse to marry their new frames.

Why all the excitement and eyewear love? Eye-Q frames are hand-picked from the studios of internationally renowned designers. Our world-class opticians painstakingly choose the best frames for their unique design and highest standards of craftsmanship.

But, Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear is about more than luxury eyeglasses. Eye-Q opticians create a collection that is diverse enough to allow personality matching. We match the right frames to not only your look, but your personality; even your mood and where you'll want to wear your frames. We'll help you fall in love. After all, we're matchmakers -- for eyewear.


Our Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear: Luxury and Quality. Luxurious Quality.

Artisan Crafted

Our frames are more than just eye-candy. Once you see our glasses, you'll know. Handmade, one-of-a-kind, and lovingly created eyewear with an attention to detail, quality, and wearability that is second to none.

Lasting Good Looks.

Our cotton fiber cellulose acetate frames last 10 to 15 years (compare to petroleum based plastics which last a couple of years), while our frames made from layered wood, buffalo horn, leather, copper beryllium and other exotic materials will last a lifetime. Come in to Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear today to see the beauty, the art, the quality.