Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Optical Superheros

Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear Opticians

Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear is a one-of-a-kind optical boutique in Rochester, MN. Prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, contacts, and accessories.

What makes us one-of-a-kind? Well, of course our hand-picked collection of unique, high-quality, luxury frames. But there's something else that sets us apart too: our optical superheros.

It's All About The Personality... Matching

Our expert opticians are well-trained in the art of personality-matching. A mix between psychology, art, and ninja deftness, our opticians get it right. They know how to help you find the perfect match in eyewear. You and the right frames. Come in and let one of our optical superheros work their special powers, and you just might walk out with glasses, sunglasses, or readers that are the optical version of your most special soul-mate.

Come in today for the Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear experience.



Optical Temptress

Tammie began her career as an optical temptress in Minneapolis in 1994. Though she doesn’t seem old enough to have been in such a fine industry that long, she has in fact been drinking (and providing) the luxury eyewear Kool-Aid for nearly two decades! Being directly involved in the selection of each frame gives her tremendous delight. Eyewear is a never ending love affair for this quirky gal. Just try resisting her optical temptations! You might even get an astrological reading out of her if she’s caffeinated just right!




Our opti-mom is a brilliant, artistic, free spirit. Her easy-going-yet-terribly-astute ways are contagious, inspirational, and down right irresistible. Her optical style is cutting edge. A math wizard with wildly artistic, genius children, it seems reasonable that she would be so easily able to encourage others to take bold, beautiful chances with their eyewear. Her grounded nature ensures that you will have no missing details on your path to optical enlightenment!




From Transylvania, our young jed-eye master offers a unique ‘no-filter‘ approach to how she manages her very loyal customers. Miss Simona, a mother to perhaps the most charming son of all time (Andrei), is a master of color. Her honest approach to finding your optical destiny can give you all the confidence you need as you step out into the world, knowing that you have the most perfect frame for your face, your prescription, and your personal style!


I now know that I waited to get a second opinion (mine was the first) on my eyesight so that Eye-Q could partner with me on seeing the world more clearly and brightly.


Eye-Q stepped up and far exceeded my expectations. My husband and I will be returning to Mayo in the fall. You can be assured we will stop in and shop.


I am so very happy with my new Starck eyeglasses. I've never been so pleased.


Wow, absolutely fabulous. Such great service... really appreciated.


My sunglasses arrived yesterday! The lenses provide excellent correction for me. And, thanks to Eye-Q, the fit was essentially perfect. Many thanks for the outstanding service you provided.


Your service is like E(ye), only you are connecting the perfect eyeglass frames with the proper face!

Frances and Mary

The only thing more surprising than the frames I chose was the accuracy of the psychoanalysis that suggested them. I couldn't put a monetary value on the service you gave me.


I'm trying out my reading glasses I just picked up from you for the first time today. They are comfortable on my head and the lenses are perfect… even small font is highly readable. They work great and look great! (we agree, no need to compromise there…ever). Thanks so much. You make having bad eyesight fun!


It was very delightful spending time at Eye-Q. You are really quite an exceptional group of people, with an encyclopedic grasp of the usually-ignored details of fine eyewear. It was a dazzling experience, in all ways. Its only down side was that it ended. My best to you, and thank you again for all, including the eyewear.


WOW!!! All of my wonderful glasses arrived today. I not only look extremely hot but I can now see how I look. I'm wearing my office glasses now and feel very special. The reading glasses will be used momentarily. The "all day every day" glasses are superb. I really doubt that I have ever been able to see this clearly. In short, I feel many years younger. Thank you, thank you.